• Students’ behaviour is outstanding. Students show exemplary attitudes in lessons and around the school.
  • Staff and students show genuine warmth towards each other and students’ individual achievements are recognised and valued.
  • Students of all abilities make outstanding progress. They are confident they can reach the challenging targets set for them.
  • Students feel safe, are considerate and contribute well to the very positive ethos of the school; they are proud to be part of the school.
  • An exceptionally wide variety of enrichment activities are available, enabling students to pursue their talents and interests to the highest level.
  • The atmosphere around the school is calm and orderly. Staff and students show genuine warmth towards each other.
  • All leaders, including governors, are focused on ensuring that the school provides an atmosphere in which students can thrive.
  • Teaching is of a consistently high standard. Teachers are passionate about their subjects and inspire their students to want to learn more.
  • The school keeps its students safe and ensures that students have the information they need to keep themselves safe.
  • Teachers support each other and display a great desire to constantly improve their own performance.
  • Leaders closely check all aspects of the school’s work to ensure that any student who falls below their very challenging targets is supported.
  • Students are polite, mature and articulate, showing respect for adults and each other.
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Multi-million pound centre opens at Worle school

Priory Community School has now officially opened the doors of its £1.4million Sir Richard Branson Centre.

Weston’s MP John Penrose attended the ceremony at Priory Community School and staff looked on as 15-year-old pupil Lloyd Bunyan cut the ribbon.

The centre is a support-to-learn hub which will help thousands of children overcome a range of issues to achieve success.

Click here to read more at The Weston Mercury.


The school is building the £1.4M Sir Richard Branson Centre to inspire thousands of students to achieve their dreams.

Sir Richard said this week: “Very proud that Priory Community School have named their support-to-learn centre after me. Education is very important, and having the right environment to learn is vital”.

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