• Students’ behaviour is outstanding. Students show exemplary attitudes in lessons and around the school.
  • Staff and students show genuine warmth towards each other and students’ individual achievements are recognised and valued.
  • Students of all abilities make outstanding progress. They are confident they can reach the challenging targets set for them.
  • Students feel safe, are considerate and contribute well to the very positive ethos of the school; they are proud to be part of the school.
  • An exceptionally wide variety of enrichment activities are available, enabling students to pursue their talents and interests to the highest level.
  • The atmosphere around the school is calm and orderly. Staff and students show genuine warmth towards each other.
  • All leaders, including governors, are focused on ensuring that the school provides an atmosphere in which students can thrive.
  • Teaching is of a consistently high standard. Teachers are passionate about their subjects and inspire their students to want to learn more.
  • The school keeps its students safe and ensures that students have the information they need to keep themselves safe.
  • Teachers support each other and display a great desire to constantly improve their own performance.
  • Leaders closely check all aspects of the school’s work to ensure that any student who falls below their very challenging targets is supported.
  • Students are polite, mature and articulate, showing respect for adults and each other.
Teach Me Maths: More exciting than wingsuit flying!

30 minutes a night = target grade+
How to smash your GCSE maths exam!
Watch these videos and follow the advice over the next few weeks to get top marks in your maths exams.
Exams 2015
There are only until the first exam.
Use GCSE Pod, complete past papers and watch revision videos to assist you
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Year 8 Students of the Week

This week Tina Delaney has nominated Mya Buck, Leonie Bowen and Tiegan Wills for helping with the cheerleading GCSE moderation last week. Billie Murray has nominated Katie-Louise Murray for being selected to star as a GaGa girl in the Bristol Hippodromes “We will rock you!” performance on 5th July.

Year 7 Students of the Week

Callum Wickes
Liam Orme
Jackson Norris
Riley Thorne

All students were nominated for their excellent attitude, increased effort and achievement during term 4.


PEDAL-POWERED smoothies are on the menu after Priory Community School, an Academy Trust, became the first school in North Somerset to benefit from initiatives to promote healthy and sustainable travel.

The Active Travel to School project was launched with students trying out a unique pedal-powered smoothie maker bike which showed how to convert energy through pedal power into a healthy breakfast option.

This project is a partnership between North Somerset Council and UK charity Sustrans, as part of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, Travel West initiative. 

Multi-million pound centre opens at Worle school

Priory Community School has now officially opened the doors of its £1.4million Sir Richard Branson Centre.

Weston’s MP John Penrose attended the ceremony at Priory Community School and staff looked on as 15-year-old pupil Lloyd Bunyan cut the ribbon.

The centre is a support-to-learn hub which will help thousands of children overcome a range of issues to achieve success.

Click here to read more at The Weston Mercury.

WELL DONE TO ALL Year 11 DUKE OF EDINBURGH participants who completed their expeditions

On the weekends of 12th & 19th October over 40 PCSA Year 11 students participated in their DoE expedition.

Over the past 6 months the group have completed all components of training such as; First Aid, Cooking, Navigation and camp skills.

The weekend consisted of the group walking from Bridgwater Marina to Crowcombe near Taunton, camping half way.

Mr Biddle and Mr Thompson would like to thank all staff and parents for their support on these weekends.


The school is building the £1.4M Sir Richard Branson Centre to inspire thousands of students to achieve their dreams.

Sir Richard said this week: “Very proud that Priory Community School have named their support-to-learn centre after me. Education is very important, and having the right environment to learn is vital”.

National Careers Week Digital Guide

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National Apprenticeships Week



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